The Neglected Healers: Urgent Need for Physicians Self-care in Healthcare

  • Syed Ali Raza Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Keywords: Physicians burnout, Physicians well-being


In the heart of healthcare, where doctors tirelessly tend to their patients, a crisis quietly brews – the disregard for their own well-being. The phenomenon of physician burnout is rampant, fuelled by relentless work demands, unyielding stress, and a culture that prizes patient care above self-care. In Pakistan, where the health system is still developing, clinicians have to go beyond their capacity for the provision of standard care to the patients.

Physician burnout, a shadow that looms over the medical profession, is reaching alarming proportions. Studies reveal shocking rates of emotional exhaustion, detachment, and a sense of diminished accomplishment among doctors.1 This epidemic not only threatens the mental health of physicians but also compromises patient care and safety.2

Yet, burnout is just the tip of the iceberg. Mental health struggles, like anxiety and depression, affect doctors at disproportionately high rates.3 Stress-induced ailments, from hypertension to musculoskeletal disorders, plague the healers who sacrifice their own well-being in the name of their patients.

The solution lies in a radical shift – a culture of wellness and self-care within the medical community. Institutions must step up to provide the support systems necessary for doctors to thrive. Mental health resources, wellness initiatives, and flexible work arrangements are not luxuries but necessities in combating burnout and promoting resilience.4

Doctors must carve out time amidst their demanding schedules for rest, rejuvenation, and reflection. Regular exercise, mindfulness practices, and hobbies are essential tools for preserving physical and emotional well-being.5 

Education on stress management and self-care should be woven into the fabric of medical training, right from the medical college, empowering future generations of physicians to prioritize their own health. Peer support networks and mentorship programs offer a great support in the face of adversity.2 

As there are regular campaigns and awareness sessions for the patients and general public, there is an immense need to talk about well-being of the health professionals. In conclusion, the plight of physicians neglecting their own health demands urgent attention. By championing self-care and wellness, we can create a more resilient medical workforce, better equipped to navigate the challenges of patient care with compassion and efficacy.

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